Sunday, 22 February 2009

New YouTube footage

There's a clip at of Salem playing 'Someday' on the piano at Euphoria Studios in New York.

Whilst I'm on the subject I had wondered why "Someday" is not on the published tracklisting for the album. I really thought this would have been there, particularly as he played it live recently at the P3 Guldgalan press conference. Does anyone know what's happened to this song?

Salem - can you post more clips like this on YouTube? Some more Kitchen Sessions would be nice, if you're cooking any more falukorv :))


Linnea said...

Yes, I'm missing 'Someday' on the new album too! I hope he'll do something special with it, since it's a really good song. You never know what Salem is up to ;)

Take care!

Anonymous said...

He must be making a lot of good music! "Some day" is really a great song! And when he doesnt put it on this album... Wow!
But, let's hope he will put it on the next record! (Hopefully it wont take to long!!) I am really curious about the new songs that will come on this album. He makes such lovely music!

I am also so happy for you that you managed to get the tickets for the Gothenburg concert! Good for you!

EuropeCrazy said...

I remember seeing a clip on YouTube last year when he was playing "Someday" with his band. It gave me the same vibe as "Good Song" - you know how much I like that song! - and then when he played a totally different version on the P3 Guldgalan press conference I thought this was going to be one of the main songs on the album, so I was shocked and surprised to see it left off the tracklisting.

Linnea - I agree with you and hope he'll release it, maybe as a hidden track or on one of the forthcoming singles?

Kajsa - just like you, I'm very curious about these new songs on the album, and I'm sure they will be lovely. I really want to hear the recorded versions of "Purple Lady" and "One of the Others" in particular.

I guess that Salem must have a lot of great songs hidden away which have never been or will never be hopefully he won't take too long with his next album, hope we won't have to wait another two years for it :)

And yes, I'm delighted to be going to Gothenburg!!