Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A new interview

Go to and you'll find a short but revealing interview about Salem's comeback. I've translated this so hopefully it's ok! (My own comments are in brackets)

In the interview he reveals the difference between recording his first album, for himself, in the basement, and the pressure of a second album which people are waiting to hear. He says that he is still trying to make music which he wants to make, rather than that which he expects others to like. (I'm glad that he continues to be true to himself!)

He also stated that the person putting the most pressure on him is....himself, as he feels he constantly has to prove himself.

Salem said that, like "This Is Who I Am" he has written music and lyrics, recorded and produced the album himself, but has included some friends and also a guest appearance from the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra on one track (ooh, which one I wonder? "Purple Lady" or "One of the Others"? I hope!) He described his lyrics as very different and more playful, and the music reflects the happy and sad times he has experienced. He hoped that people would recognise this when listening to the album.

Finally, Salem admits to being a control freak! (And why not! We love him for it, especially if it results in such wonderful music) ;))))


Jennifer said...

I was just wondering if you missed that salem visited morgonpasset at P3 on friday the 13th? Because I haven't seen a post about it.
I am so happy for you by the way that you finally get to see Salem live in concert. You won't be disappointed! :-)

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Jennifer,

Sorry I forgot to do a post but I did know about it as someone left a comment about it on a previous post. I then went to YouTube and watched the video footage of Salem and Hanna dancing again :)

And yes I'm still so excited about going to his concert!!