Thursday, 12 February 2009

Found a new picture of Salem.

If you go to you'll see a nice new photo of Salem, with yet another new look... The blog post also mentions that there will be more to follow in a forthcoming issue of Damernas Värld magazine.


Anonymous said...

Salem was at Morgonpasset this friday morning too =)!
I think you know how to find it.

feppe01 said...

You know, now you can listen to the single "Astronaut" at Salems Myspace :)

EuropeCrazy said...

Salem on Morgonpasset...yes I found it, you know me well enough by now!!! :))

By the way Salem - it sounded as if you were having a lot of fun with that crazy Hanna, I think you just keep going back there for the hugs =)))

Great to hear "Astronaut" on Salem's MySpace, although I'm not really too sure about the cover picture - I wish we could see Salem's face for a change.