Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Countdown to "Astronaut"

Yes it's Wednesday and that means our weekly countdown till the release of "Astronaut"....


EDIT 12.02.09: Even better news, it's only....FIVE WEEKS TO GO!! Release date has now been brought forward to 18.03.09. (I don't even think I can wait that long =)))

This week's news: as mentioned in comments in the previous post, Salem will be appearing in the new Swedish television live music show "Rockcirkus" on 4th March. The show will be available to watch on the internet. I'll mention it again on here nearer the time.

On a more personal note, there is still a very small (but significant) chance that I can get over to Sweden in April to see Salem play live in Gothenburg: only circumstances beyond my control are stopping me at the moment, and there is equally a big chance that it's not going to work out. I hope that this will all be resolved in the next couple of weeks, in which case I'm just hoping that the flights and the concert tickets still be available! It really would be a dream come true if it works out. :)))

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