Thursday, 22 January 2009

Salem at the Rockbjörnen

Well, did you see it?

Salem was fantastic on the Rockbjörnen tonight, when he sang "It's Only You Part II". He was on about 10 minutes ago, I hope they post this performance on Aftonbladet's website at some point as I need to watch it again (and this would be good for anyone who missed tonight).

He was in great voice too, and when he sang the last "It's only you I think about" in a higher register than usual towards the end of the song I just melted!!!!!

Salem was dressed in a big raincoat, and I thought his hair was rather nice tonight - in fact he looked lovely, well as lovely as a man in a big raincoat could look. :)))

A delightful comeback - great to see Salem and his band back on stage again.

But just one question - where is Gunnar? I didn't see him on stage tonight and he didn't play at Berwaldhallen either. Has he left the band or was there another reason why he wasn't there? Does anyone know?

EDIT 23.01.09: Link to video: unfortunately I can't watch this as I'm at work at the moment and the link is blocked, but I'll watch it tonight. And tomorrow. Probably about 50 times tomorrow :))))))

19:15: I have now watched the video however my internet connection is very slow at the moment and keeps breaking up. Anyway I've made three fuzzy screencaps, and will try to make some better ones over the weekend.


Johannes said...

weey^^ :D

Anonymous said...

the "raincoat" is a jacket from the sweedish trade "lagom" wich you can se here:
One of those who are owning "lagom" is one of the guys in the band "snook", wich salem have been playing with alot:)
happy to have find your blogg, cause i love salem too!

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks for your comments! We know that Salem is very stylish of course and he wears that jacket very well!!

I am a big fan of Snook so I was delighted to find out about the background to the jacket!!

Hope Snook come back again someday and make some more of their great music.

Glad you like the blog :))

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!:D