Thursday, 15 January 2009

New album out March 25!!

I am so excited tonight I can't put it into words!!!!!!

It was announced today that Salem's new album will be out on March 25, which is only 9 weeks and 6 days from today. It will be called "Astronaut".

There are various articles about this on the internet today, I won't list them all but if you do a search on Sesam or Google you should find some. has a short interview with Salem, in which he wonders how people will react to the album, as his music has become a little more thoughtful. Whilst he has written, recorded and produced this album himself, he has also involved a few friends this time. Salem is also looking forward to his spring tour of Sweden and playing the new songs live. It was also confirmed in this feature that "It's Only You Part II" will be on the new album.


Anonymous said...

this really made my day! :) (or evening :P)

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks! It made my day too :)))))