Monday, 5 January 2009

Link to P4 Berwaldhallen concert

I've just been over to Salem's MySpace for my daily visit - thanks Marty for your lovely comments! I just realised I hadn't posted the direct link to Salem's P4 concert, so I thought I'd make it easier to find, for anyone who's not really familiar with the Swedish language.

It's at then click link at the left hand side of the page at 'P4:s Jul och NyƄrprogram'.

Edit 31.01.09: Sadly this has now been removed from SR's website as the 30 day archive limit has now expired :(


Marty said...

Thanks for adding that new link on your page. You have done an excellent job with this site. If Salem performs in the UK, he needs to send you tickets and a backstage pass.

EuropeCrazy said...

I wish...!

Meeting Salem ... now that would really be a dream come true.

I'm so happy that people enjoy this site as it just started as a little hobby for me and I wasn't expecting anyone to ever read it.

Thanks again for all your support.