Friday, 2 January 2009

Grammis 2009

Does anyone know if Salem will be presenting any awards at the Grammis 2009 show next week? Just wondering!


Anonymous said...

Hi miss Europecrazy!

I listened to the concert yesterday on p4 ( after your tip on this site)and I thought what I heard was beautiful. I agree with you, the lyrics have really improved. I especially liked the song " one of the others". The " astronaut" was also a really good one, the guitar playing that start it off was so pretty. I was taking a long walk while I was listening to the consert on my cellphone's radio (in minus 10 degrees!! I am crazy :-) Unfortunately I can't help you with the grammis question, I think the people who arrange these things try to keep it a secret who is going to present the awards. But ofcourse it is very likely that he will present something since he won so many awards last time. He will probably have so many in time that he can use them as door stops :-). Sorry for the long post, it was meant to be shorter. I really like your blog by the way.

Best wishes for the new year!


EuropeCrazy said...

Best wishes to you too Sandra and don't worry about the long post - it was very interesting.

Yes - "The Astronaut" is so pretty isn't it!

Glad you enjoyed the concert even if it was minus 10 degrees where you were. (The heating in my home broke down for three days earlier this week and it was so cold it felt like minus 10 degrees) Hopefully listening to Salem's music gave you that warm feeling inside!!

I hope he does present an award and of course one year from now he should be collecting more awards rather than presenting them :)))