Sunday, 18 January 2009

Can anyone help with this request?

One of our readers has contacted me to ask where they could purchase the sheet music notes for Salem's songs. As I don't live in Sweden I'm not sure if these are available or not, so would any of you be able to help and advise if these are available to buy from any shops or websites?



Emelie said...

I have seen two sheet music notes in two different books.

Good song in a book called Hits 2007.

It's true in a book called Svenska hits 2007/2008.

Problem is, if you want them you have to bye the whole book to get them. That's the only help I could give you unfortunately.

Timothy said...

Chords to some of Salems songs can be found at "".
There are only two songs at the moment, but more are on their way...

Tanja said...

I think I saw notes for the Astronaut in the Hits 2009


Vilma said...

It's possible to purchase Keep on Walking and Astronaut at
Unfortunately I think it's only in Swedish.