Friday, 21 November 2008

See you all on Monday...

I'm off to Dublin for a weekend break so I won't be back on here till Monday night. Feel free to leave your comments in the meantime and I'll answer them when I come back.

Once again thanks to each and every one of you for visiting this site, I really appreciate your support.

See you all again on Monday! X


blog65 said...

Hi Miss (?) EuropeCrazy,

I don't know if you've got a Swedish -> English sound translator as well, but otherwise I can tell you a little about the radio interview on P3. Salem talked about the concert in Berwardhallen, and about his coming album. He said that his voice sounds different now, and I agree (for the better!). This time, he has written the songs with more consideration (the songs on the first album came out more or less in the very first version). He has also used a real studio this time (not the garage in his parent's house), with a sound technician. I got the impression that he still plays all instruments, but I could be wrong.

Since the EP is not released in Sweden, I can not check it out on iTunes either. Do you know if "It's True" and "Dream Girl" are the original versions, or new ones?

/Kjell, a.k.a. as blog65 (stupid alias, I came up with it in a rush).

EuropeCrazy said...

Great post Kjell - thanks!

Sadly I don't have a sound translator, I only run text articles through Google Translate, so I really appreciate you translating his interview. Yes from what I've heard his voice certainly sounds better, stronger and more confident. Also he will have had more time to perfect the new album in the studio, I guess that he will still be producing this though?

I remember reading a feature last year which said that Salem will be using his own band on the second album although I would imagine that he'll still be playing a few instruments too.

It's the old versions of "Dream Girl" and "It's True" on the EP. I thought "It's Only You Part II" would get a release in Sweden - wouldn't that be ironic if it wasn't released in his homeland!

Yes, you got it right. Miss EuropeCrazy, that's me. I do have a long-term boyfriend though, he's not a Salem fan yet but he's quite amused by my Salem obsession!
I told him that when I eventually get to see Salem play live, I will be taking him along with me to see what he has been missing!!

Your blog-alias is good by the way :)

blog65 said...

Yes, I think Salem will produce the album. He did not mention the band in the interview, but that could mean anything...

The "It's Only You Part II" single is released in Sweden, but not the EP. I guess it's because 2.5 of the songs were already on the first album. The remaining 1.5 will perhaps appear on the coming album as well...

Speaking of the coming album, the interview revealed that he would play some of those songs at Berwardhallen. Salem also said that he tries new things... and that he has tried to improve the lyrics. One of the songs is inspired from a conversation he had with a person.

Salem is a control freak, but he tries to keep it down... for instance by trusting the arranger at Berwardhallen.

Keep up the spirit in your three good blogs! I don't know where you get all the time (and energy) for it...


EuropeCrazy said...

I really hope that "It's Only You Part II" and "Twelve Fingers" will be on the new album too. Thanks to YouTube of course, I've also been able to hear "One Of The Others" and "The Astronaut", both of which sound lovely, and I guess "Black Sun Black Moon" will be in there too. There was also footage on YouTube during the summer of some new songs he played at his concerts in August - I think these were called "Someday", "Beautiful", "Emperor", "Mirror" and "Seven Steps Ahead" - I wonder if any of these have made it to the album?

I'm now counting the days till the album comes out!

I'm glad that Salem is a control freak - he is such a musical genius that no-one else could make his music sound any better than he can.

Thanks again for your support. Sometimes I also wonder where I get the time and energy for all this blogging!! (Energy is in short supply at the moment as I have a throat infection, so I am listening to Salem tonight to cheer myself up!!)

Anonymous said...

Hoppas att Irland var grejt. Jag gillar det du gör!
/ Rogardo, Sverige

EuropeCrazy said...

Yes, we loved Dublin! Thanks for your lovely comments, unfortunately min svenska är inte så bra, so I can't really write much Swedish, but I will need to learn more of your lovely language.

Tack så mycket!