Monday, 17 November 2008

Benoît's review of the It's Only You Part II EP

There is a great review of the EP (in French) by Benoît, who is an old friend of this blog! Good to see that you still love Salem's music and are still spreading the word about him in France.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you that I really like your site. It is so regurally updated ( how do you spell that word ? :-)).I have been checking it out since I saw the link on Salems myspace. I didn't know that the consert at Berwaldwallen will be on radio for example, thankyou for that information. The only thing I miss on this page is your email adress. It would be great if you could put that on this site.

Greetings from Linnéa

Benoît said...

Thanks for the link !
And very sorry that I forgot to post it here... But thankfully, you are everywhere, you see everything !!
And of course I still like his music ; 12 fingers is pure Salem sugar, bloody groovy stuff !

Best from France