Thursday, 6 November 2008

The artist formerly known as...

Such an exciting time right now, every day brings something new for me to post on here!!

Over at YouTube, Salem has posted the videos of some old familiar favourites, but if you're just getting into his music thanks to "It's Only You Part II" then you have just got to check these out:

"It's True"
"Good Song" (regular readers will know that "Good Song" is my favourite Salem song and, in fact, my favourite song of all time!)
"This Is Who I Am"
"Dream Girl"

I note that the little description on these says that he's "previously known as Salem Al Fakir" or "formerly known as Salem Al Fakir", this reminds me of when Prince changed his name to "the artist formerly known as Prince", well it's not quite as bad as that, at least Salem is still Salem!

EDIT 07.11.08: Salem has now removed some of these but "It's True" is still there.
FURTHER EDIT 07.11.08: "Dream Girl" is back...

The video for "It's Only You Part II" has only been on YouTube since 30.10.08 but has already had 1054 views - OK let's make that 1055 (but trust me, I haven't watched it as many times as that...other people have watched it too!!). The song has also had nearly 5000 plays at Salem's MySpace.

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