Sunday, 24 August 2008

What's next?

With no new live gigs announced, and no prospect of the new album any time soon, it looks as if there will be nothing to report for some time to come.

If you have read a couple of my other posts you will know that Salem has alluded to record company politics in recent interviews, and it hasn't escaped my notice that his record label has experienced difficulties this year, with other acts on that particular label expressing their frustration that their new releases have also been delayed:

As a fan who lives outside Sweden, I'm not only angry at the lack of support from Salem's record label, but I feel particularly frustrated that his record label has done nothing to promote him internationally and effectively organise international distribution of his material. By this stage, he should have been an international star, with "This Is Who I Am" released in as many worldwide territories as possible, capitalising on his Swedish Grammy wins. Instead, we don't know when - or even if - that launch will come. I wonder if things would have been different if he'd been with another record company.

(Remember, anything I've written on this blog does not represent the views of Salem or of anyone connected to his record company, I'm just a devoted fan from the UK who wants the world to know about him!)

The lack of action and information made me wonder where it leaves this little blog. Well, I feel optimistic about continuing. Our visitor figures continue to rise and I've received some very positive feedback over recent months. I want this to be a place for Salem fans to visit and share their love and enthusiasm for the man and his music. This blog exists to publicise and promote Salem Al Fakir to the world, and will continue to do so!

However I would anticipate a period of "hibernation" over the coming months, at least until we know what Salem's doing next. So until then ....bye for now!


blog65 said...

Perhaps something is happening... A company called "Xtraworks" has announced a competition to design a record sleeve for EMI. The record is a five-track EP with Salem Al Fakir, to be released "soon" internationally. The ambition is to "present a new feeling for Salem Al Fakir". The EP should give a feeling for Hippie, Gypsie, Love Child och Organic (whatever that means). The title of the EP is "It’s Only You (Part II)” alternatively “Black Sun Black Moon”.


Regarding my possible blog... it's hard to get the time for it, but who knows... for now I "sneak" on yours instead! :-)

EuropeCrazy said...

That's very interesting and exciting news indeed!

If you hear any more news let us know.

And carry on "sneaking" on here, you're very welcome :-)))