Sunday, 17 August 2008

New interview in Expressen

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Very interesting interview with Salem, and some intriguing questions. The interviewer Gunilla Brodrej said that she had contacted Salem's record company EMI "who said something cryptic that you do not do anything together right now". Salem replied: "What? Is it true? Did they say that?"

She then asked "When will your big international breakthrough be? The world is waiting for?". Salem replied: "I wonder, too. Haha. But it will, it will only take a little time.".

About the next album: "In a perfect world, I would have released a disc by now. In itself, it is good that it takes a little time. The fact that people will have to wait a bit, said Salem, and laughs." Just don't keep us waiting too long!!!!!

He also revealed that he is a big fan of Humble Pie, and that Steve Marriott is one of his favourite singers. Salem also said that he and his brother Sami had bought an old fishing boat.


blog65 said...

First of all, you've got two great blogs! I can't understand how you get all that time researching music... I'm especially impressed about of your Swedish music knowledge, although I've lived here all my life I don't have a fraction of your wisdom...

Regarding Salem and EMI, he started "Salem Al Fakir Music AB" one year ago, perhaps that company will become a sub-record company to EMI as they do it when making movies... or perhaps on its own.

The site you reach using Opendisc on the CD does not seem to be updated either, so the non-collaboration with EMI seems to make sense...

Finally, I hope you'll be able to attend a concert with him one day! I've seen him once, and the biggest difference in the music itself was his voice that has improved a lot. He has said that he has two weaknesses, that he likes to do something about: Lyrics and his voice. Not that it is bad on the CD, but it's not as great as Stevie Wonder's (which was the first other artist I thought about when listening to the album for the first time).

I suppose I need to blog more often or something, my Google account was lost now so I've created it again... still as blog65, so someone must have deleted my from the database! Yeach...

EuropeCrazy said...

Thanks for your lovely kind comments!

It doesn't look good between Salem and EMI, and I hope that the situation is resolved soon so that we can hear his new album. I just hope they don't hold it back too long.

What I'm most disappointed about is the handling of his international launch - this has been a real missed opportunity as, IMHO, "This Is Who I Am" should have been released outwith Scandinavia this year in order to capitalise on his Swedish success of last year. It would have been the right time, but now I'm worried that it won't happen at all and the world might miss out on hearing his fantastic songs. :(

His voice has got better and stronger, I've watched the latest clips on YouTube and I like the new (very different) material.

Looking forward to reading your blog! :))