Friday, 18 April 2008

H3FK on TV4's Nyhetsmorgon

H3FK appeared on yesterday's TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, and you can find clips of the two tracks performed - "Allt Väl På Tallbacken" and "Lilledror" at and follow the Nyhetsmorgon link. Salem, with his hair tied back, is sitting on a stool at the front of the stage, playing the violin, tapping his feet and looking very serious.(Unlike Nassim, who was grinning throughout!)They are certainly a group of very talented and accomplished musicians who excel at their unique blend of Arabic/world/folk/jazz music.

There was also an interview, but Salem didn't appear in this - Nassim did though, and was his usual cheerful self :)

Oh, and it just wouldn't be a Planet Salem post if I didn't describe what Salem was wearing...just for the record, he was dressed in a stripey grey jumper, blue jeans and white trainers.

20.04.08: Here are some screencaps from this TV appearance.

Above: H3FK in action.

Above: Jazz violin genius at work.

Above: Salem looking very serious!!

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