Sunday, 10 February 2008

"This Is Who I Am" revisited - Part 2

Today I'm featuring tracks 4 to 6.

4. Two Long Distance To Great Thoughts (2.33)
An instrumental where folk music meets prog rock now. No don’t switch off, because here is Salem showing us a couple more styles that he not only can do, but can do in a dazzling manner. It starts off sounding like a traditional Swedish violin folk tune and then turns into a Focus-style 70s prog number. By now you have learned to expect the unexpected.

5. Dream Girl (4.27)
And now to the first of the album’s three most significant songs, placed at tracks 5, 10 and 15. "Dream Girl", his first single, does not sound as if it was written in 2006, for it is far too accomplished and timeless to come from this throwaway decade. "Dream Girl" has no chorus, but has a spectacular piano hookline and when played live this song just soars. Magnificent may just not be enough to describe it. Some people have made rather negative comments about Salem's voice but I happen to love it, and it suits his songs perfectly.

6. It’s Only You (3.13)
Nearest thing to a ballad as it gets, this is just too pretty for words and Salem’s voice is so sweet and full of warmth. Although many of the songs on this album have complex layered musical arrangements, this is straightforward and simple and gorgeous. It is one of my favourite tracks on the album.

Coming soon - tracks 7 to 9.

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