Sunday, 13 January 2008

Some more pics of Salem from the Grammisgalan...

This is my 50th post since I started Planet Salem (of course I've written many more posts about him prior to 01.12.07 over at . so what better way to celebrate than with some more pictures of Salem from the Grammisgalan!!

Above: On the red carpet prior to Wednesday's show. Shame he wasn't feeling well because otherwise I thought he looked really nice - I liked his hair and his suit - very unusual for him to turn up without his trademark tie!

Above: getting presented with one of his awards by Martin Stenmarck. Two lovely Swedish men on stage at the one time!

Above: Salem winning yet another award. He deserves all of them and more!

Above: This is from Swedish Radio P4's site - isn't he just lovely!!

The next award ceremony is Swedish Radio P3's Guldgalan next Friday, 18.01.08 at which he is nominated for Best Male Artist and Best Live Act. This will be broadcast on P3 and SVT1 and once again we hope that he can add to his long list of trophies.

I read recently that Salem will now be doing up his house - he might need to build an extension to hold all these awards!!

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