Sunday, 13 January 2008

Here are some of Salem's videos, because I like them.

"Dream Girl": Salem's first single, released in the autumn of 2006. Timeless, classic song with an unforgettable piano hookline. The video is rather nice and is our first introduction to the man himself, complete with his wonderful big crazy hair:

"This Is Who I Am": title track of a rather brilliant album. Like all Salem's songs it's deceptively simple but full of musicality. The video sees him in many disguises and ends with the 'real' Salem, in his trademark pullover of course! :

"It's True" - the original version, not the Axwell/Ingrosso remix (I've now given up on this ever being released here). Such a positive and uplifting song, and a compelling video with Salem wearing a suit, walking into the sea. As you do! :

(The above three videos can also be seen at

The video of "Good Song" is only available on the EMI site (follow the link from ) - I'd recommend you check it out as it's very funny and perfectly shows off Salem's bright and bubbly personality. However, here is my favourite live performance of the best song of 2007, and possibly one of the most uplifting songs ever written, taken from last summer's Allsång pa Skansen TV show:

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