Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Grammisgalan tomorrow!

I'm so excited! This time tomorrow it will be all over and we will know who has won the Swedish Grammy awards, the most prestigious of all the Swedish music award ceremonies and this time of course it's "power to the people" as the Swedish public will have chosen their favourites. Hopefully Salem will be among the winners, we are keeping our fingers crossed that he will win.

Now it's time for a blast from the past.

There is footage on TV4 Nyheterna's site of Salem's appearance on "Nyhetsmorgon" from 14th January 2007, yes almost a year ago. I had previously seen the clip of "Good Song" on the same show before, but hadn't seen him singing "It's True". Wow! Salem's performance of this is so sweet, captivating and full of charm. Why do I love this man and his music? Watch this clip and you will understand why. There is also a nice interview with him on the same Nyhetsmorgon show.

EDIT 15.01.08: This has now been removed from that website, but they've still got all the Grammisgalan stuff.


The Lemur said...

Salem did his best tonight but his voice couldn't stand it in It's True at Grammisgalan. I think it was strong of him to perform anyway. He has brought us so much good singing so it's no big surprise his voice needs a little rest. Won lots of prices, though, best producer, composer, newcomer... and what else, I lost my count. But he should've won them all! Especially for best song, among the five finalists Good Song came up at number five. We have a Swedish word for that: kulturskymning (culture dusk/twilight)!

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Lemur and thanks for your comments!

I haven't heard his Grammisgalan version of "It's True" yet, but I am just so happy tonight that he won the most awards, he deserves them more than any other artist. I agree that "Good Song" should have won the best song prize, yes indeed he should have won them all! But I am very very happy tonight - it's time to celebrate!