Saturday, 8 December 2007

New interview clip from Örebro, and some screencaps from it.

Meny @ Nerikes Allehanda has a video interview with Salem before his gig in
Örebro on 08.12.07: follow the link from

I see that he's had his hair cut again, which is back to its nice mid-length curly-ness, although I rather liked the out-of-control look which he sported on that recent Norwegian TV appearance. Oh whatever, I like both styles, as long as he doesn't hide his lovely hair under the flat cap :-(

Anyway my Swedish is still rubbish but I was trying to listen and pick up some info, I think he said his next album is in the planning stages but no further forward than that. Might need to be patient and wait a bit longer, that's not going to be easy for me....! Will just have to accept the fact that it won't be as soon as I thought. (Also, "This Is Who I Am" took 3 years to make so roll on 2010!!)

Anyway I decided to do a bit of screencapping from this interview. It's not always easy to screencap Salem because he's very animated and fidgets a lot while he's being interviewed (!) but here are three nice pics from this interview.

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